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Steve Jobs, Lead iZealot

Steve Jobs is the #1 iZealot in the world. It is his job to further the cause of Apple and Macintosh zealotry for the greater glory of computing. Nobody else has the power that Steve Jobs has to distort truth and make a 3% marketshare seem like 50%. It was Steve Jobs who inspired the phrase "RDF" or "Reality Distortion Field". His passion and dedication for his products sometimes mean that the truth needs to be slightly bent, like the effect you see when viewing the world through a high-index lens.

However Steve Jobs, head of Apple Computer, is not the only iZealot, only the most prominent. In fact, there are hundreds of them, all furthering the cause of the Macintosh throughout the world. Here are a few notables:

David K. Every

David Every, or DKE as he is affectionately known, has compiled an entire website dedicated to pro-Apple and pro-Macintosh zealotry. Unfortunately he has not updated his site since 1999, but it is still well worth a visit. With the release of OSX he publically disavowed himself from Macintosh advocacy, discontinued and archived MacKiDo, and started a new site called iGeek where he writes boring, simplistic articles about technology in general. Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Joe Ragosta

Joe Ragosta, for years, was the defining character in comp.sys.mac.advocacy. He maintained a web site called The Complete Macintosh Advocacy Page which still exists, although most of the links are now dead. He was the charismatic if bumbling leader of the newsgroup for many years, from 1990 to the fall of 2000. "Fall" is perhaps an apt word to use, for he dropped off the face of the Earth after that, never to be heard from again, although his friend--

Jim Polaski

always maintained that he left to get a new and better job and that he was never healthier or happier. Joe's disappearance from the world of *.advocacy will forever remain a mystery, as Jim is reluctant to give any details, such as an email address. Jim is somewhat slower and less powerful than his predecessor, and as such the quality of debate in csma has definitely declined since Joe has vanished. But he has taken up the mantle of hosting (and duplicating, as it turns out) Joe's old COMPLETE MACINTOSH advocacy page at


BEIGE is a somewhat more normal Macintosh user who loves OSX and giant screenshots of him running OSX. He works in the graphics industry and has a dual G4-500 and an Athlon running Windows 2000, so he at least knows the competition. He will always tell you that in Japan all the fonts you get are Mac-only, although since both the Mac and Windows read both True Type and Adobe Type 1 fonts, this last claim is somewhat of a mystery.


Madan is his name, and Macintosh advocacy was his game. He worked two jobs, one as a teacher and one as a webmaster, and yet still had time for engaging in duels in the Battlefront on ars technica. He loved his "iFruit" as he calls it, and will defend it against all comers.

He made himself (in)famous in Battlefront threads such as the time he claimed Windows 2000 could not possibly run more than ten applications at once without crashing every 15 minutes. Numerous evidence proving this theory to be complete crap were steadfastly ignored by Madan, who "knew" the truth.

His endless trolling, however, took its toll and the owner of Ars Technica finally banned him permanently in 2005. He was never heard or seen from again. Main Page Pegasus Launchpad Jeremy's Personal Page OSY